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Accommodation in Danube Delta

Being in the Danube Delta, the water kingdom, we have solutions for accommodation both on land and water.

Accomodation in Danube Delta on shore

We are able to accommodate you, depending on your preference, from the local houses to the most luxurious hotels.

Basicly we prefer and recommend accommodation in private homes or small local hostels chosen on the brow. This will help you go faster in the atmosphere here, where you can feel like 100 years before,  living in beautiful and clean houses made of wood, reeds and clay and breath a natural air in this dreamscape.

We have solutions for accommodation in all villages of the Danube Delta, already checked by us, with a strong emphasis placed on cleanliness and good food, well cooked.

Accommodation in Danube Delta 0n water

Floating Pontoons (aka Flotels or Floating Hotels)

They have 10 rooms, 20 places and are non-motorized vessels, towed. The fact that the engine (which would have to be very large) is not the ship but on the towing boat is a very quiet sailing. You can sleep while maneuvering the ship out of port or landing.

The first level is occupied by accommodation cabins, each cabin is two places and has its own bathroom.

The middle is divided between the saloon for dining or other activities and open terrace (but covere) where you can relax with a coffee, blowned  by the breeze of the Danube. Saloon can be adapted for meetings, workshops, team building etc..

The last level is a terrace which can be use for sunbath or birdwatching. It’s a dream to sit on the terrace during a cruise. You are far above the water and have a great view of the surroundings. You can see what is happening beyond the waterfront, in the expanse of reeds, you can see birds that pass over our seagulls that arefollowing the ship.

The food

Food is one of our strengths, we cook traditional dishes, especialy based on fish and fish products, but we also have lacto-vegetarian, vegetarian or without fish menus.

For larger groups, organized in advance, we can make menus on request.

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